Membrane separation nitrogen generator

The HMN series nitrogen generators use membrane separation technology. Clean and dry compressed air enters one or more membrane modules. Gas components with a faster permeation rate (such as H20, H2, O2, etc.) will pass through the membrane wall first and gathered to the low-pressure permeation side. Enriched, and slow permeation rate (such as N2, etc.) gas components are gathered to the high-pressure retention side, so required purity nitrogen is obtained.

Product features:
1. No noise, no moving parts, meet environmental protection requirements;
2. Expandable, only need to add membrane modules in parallel and increase the amount of compressed air as raw materials;
3. Compared with PSA nitrogen producing, smaller volume and lighter weight;
4. The nitrogen product is clean without any dust or particles;
5. It is convenient and quick to start and stop, and the operation is simple, which can produce qualified nitrogen in a short time

Technical parameters:
1. Device flow: 1~3000Nm³/h
2. Nitrogen purity: 95~99.9%
3. Nitrogen pressure: 1~20Bar (up to 50MPa after adding booster)
4. Equipment form: box type, skid mounted Type, container type, etc.